A Weekend with Jen and J

When the NFL preseason schedule was released, the boys and I made a call to Aunt Jen to ask if she’d want to come to Denver to watch the Packers play.  It didn’t take much to convince her.  We were thrilled to have her along for the boys’ first game.  (Uncle J came out, too, but he didn’t attend the game with us.) We had a fun and delicious breakfast on Saturday morning and spent the day playing at the park and at our house.

That evening we fueled up on brats and corn on the cob before taking the light rail downtown for the game.

The boys had a great time at the game.  It was a little loud and overwhelming at first for one of us, but he quickly felt comfortable in my lap.  Jen and I wished the Broncos didn’t score so much (mostly field goals) because it was always very exciting with fireworks and fire and a bronco running across the field – we were concerned they would want the Broncos to score more than the Packers. =D We stayed to the very end of the game (Packers lost) and Micah was sleeping on my lap while everyone was dancing and singing to “Jump Around”. =)  Thanks, Auntie Jen, for making our first game such a memorable one!!

We had church on Sunday and then our church picnic up in the mountains.  It was a really sweet time and we hope to get out to Long Scraggy again sometime.

On Monday we had a chaotic day of homeschool.  I was flustered enough with the boys’ behavior to say that there was ten feet of rain in Houston…and even said that was the capital of Texas.  SO, when I later thought through how the day went and what I would have changed (as I do most days), I realized the error of my ways and made sure to correct it!  Ay ay ay!


We also had Ethan’s first piano lesson that afternoon.  He is doing joint lessons with cousin, Matthew.  We are pretty excited about this and Ethan absolutely LOVED playing piano and going to his lesson.  He is eager to get back again and learn more!  Micah had fun reading and doing sight words.  We even played a game of “Mother, May I?” with flashcards telling him “yes” or “no”.  It was more fun because we had Jen there to play, too!

Thanks, Auntie Jen and Uncle J, for coming out for a visit!  We sure loved having you!!

Feeling thankful to do life with family nearby and for family traveling to see us.  

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