Lifelong Learners

Wanted to give you another glimpse into homeschool life for us.  It’s definitely not perfect and we have a lot of heart-to-hearts in which I tell them that homeschool is not for everyone and we may decide it’s not for us if we can’t learn a few things, have a healthy, respectful relationship and still enjoy each other at the end of the day. =D

When I’m not busy telling the boys falsehoods like Houston is the capital of Texas, we spend our days learning lots of interesting facts, practicing handwriting (including cursive for E), and doing math problems.  We read a lot of great books, too.  We are finishing up “Poppy Returns” by one of our favorite authors, Avi, and we’re listening to the audiobook of “Anne of Green Gables”.  Micah is making progress in learning how to read and Ethan continues to enjoy reading lots of different chapter books.  His current favorite is “The One and Only Ivan”, but he’d grab a Magic Tree House or Boxcar Children book up to read any day!  We do things like art, cooking, gardening and fitness when we want to change things up a bit.  Overall, we hope it’s a well-rounded and enjoyable education…teaching the boys how to learn, rather than focusing on the what.

Check out Micah’s cucumber!  Woot!  And, yes, I realized too late that he had picked it…but we still enjoyed the little guy.


The boys were together in my class for Classical Conversations again today.  I snapped a quick picture of each giving their presentations.  Micah shared his new Lego set that he purchased with his own money.  Ethan talked about his harmonica and played “Hot Cross Buns” for everyone.

What am I learning?  I am getting practice in patience every day.  I am learning what recharges me after a long day.  And I am learning all kinds of historical facts and how they fit with other pieces of knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.  I’m also reading books on my own – trying to lead by example – which teach me all kinds of interesting things and prove to be a great way for me to recharge, too. =)  And I am learning to rest in the Lord and trust the process.  This is a hard, but joy-filled life I live.

Here are the books currently on our nook:


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