Homeschool Life

If ever I complain about my life as a homeschooling mom, remind me to GET OUTSIDE with the boys.  We finally biked to the pond for homeschool last week and it was the most refreshing day of homeschool of the year.  Both boys were asking what they should do next and no one complained about anything being too hard.  Tears were minimal, dare I even say non-existent?? Anyway, it was lovely.  Note to self – get outside as often as possible!

Even after a blissful day outside, I still chose to do homeschool indoors the following day.  It wasn’t nearly as fun, but we made it! =)

Community Bible Study is a part of our homeschooling each week.  Micah did a little bit better this week than the first week, so I took them out for cookies afterwards to celebrate.  Yep, I am not above bribery if it means less tears on these mornings. 😉  E was busy working on his lesson already today – he seems to really enjoy it!

Here are some pics from CC this week.  E presented on his camera and Micah talked about the overnight ferry we stayed on from Denmark to Norway.  The kids both said that the abstract art project was their favorite part of the CC day.

Piano has now become a big part of our days, too.  Ethan was the star student of the week last week because of how much he practiced and played the app “piano maestro”.  He is really loving piano and wishes he could have lessons more than once a week.  Micah has started playing around with the keyboard, too!

Since E loves playing this game on the iPad, we wanted to give Micah some more time on it, too.  So, he’s been doing a Bible app, a letters app and playing matching games. =)

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