Daily Grind

You might remember that we had loads of produce from our trip to Miller Farms.  Well, we decided to blanch our tomatoes and make homemade spaghetti sauce.  In all honesty, it was just okay.  The process was fun and it smelled delicious, but the sauce itself was sub-par in my opinion.  And it wasn’t because we ate it with a spaghetti squash we had picked, either, because I tried it with regular ol’ noodles later in the week and it was still just so-so. 😉

Micah continues to love to build with magnatiles.  Again, I highly recommend them to people and am so thankful that Cass told me about them long ago! =)

Ethan continues to love playing piano (3 weeks in – woot, woot!).  He was the star student of the week again.  I believe that means he plays the iPad piano game more than others…so either I’m more lax about it than other parents or he’s more obsessed with it than the others.  At any rate, it’s a fun tool and he’s picking up piano quickly and loves to show off his new songs.  He has also now begun composing his own songs.  He tells me that Mozart was younger than him when he began composing. =)

Micah and I spend time working on reading during piano lessons and then head out for a walk.  On this particular day, he brought his camera to take pictures along the way.  He was interested, primarily, in the interesting mailboxes.

We attended a birthday dinner and soaked up time with Daddio this past weekend.

And here are some randoms from throughout the past week…a look at my current pile of books, a carwash experience and the boys enjoying Grandpa Russ’ popcorn in their army attire. =)

As you know, a huge part of our daily grind is homeschooling, but I’ll do a separate post on that!

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