Recent Happenings

Here are some more pictures from school these days.  You’ll notice that the boys are still loving to paint and we spent most of our time indoors (we had a very cool, rainy week so we didn’t get to head to the park at all).  One of the pictures features our homemade “Memory Master” game which we use to review our memory work for CC.  Another picture shows what happens to Ivory soap after you microwave it for 1 minute – it’s a fun, short “experiment”!  Also, Ethan is growing his hair out – he prefers it long and a little “puffy”. =D

Piano continues to go well.  One week Eeyore was playing piano at Ethan’s practice (for those who can’t tell, that’s our cousin who has practice with him every week).  Micah and I discovered a new library a couple weeks ago during Ethan’s piano practice.

I had the opportunity for a retreat with ladies from our church a couple weekends ago.  It was at Glen Eyrie near Colorado Springs – a beautiful setting!!  This was a nice chance for me to get to know some of the ladies at our new-ish church.  I did a few hikes in the area, enjoyed listening to our speaker, did some yoga and worshipped with these ladies.  And, sort of a milestone alert: Aunt Mel and I won 1st place on the not-so-competitive corn hole tournament. =D It was a great restful retreat before our crazy schedule for the next couple of months!

We had a scary accident happen at our house the following week.  Ethan hit Micah in the face with a baseball bat.  Thankfully, besides a fat lip and a little cut, no other injuries were sustained!

Micah presented on the whole incident at CC that week.  Ethan talked about Roman gods – a subject he had learned about from a book he read that week.


Next up – Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit, while Mike heads to India!

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