Here I Raise My Ebenezer

So, I do not want to boast about our homeschool life, but because so many days are filled with struggles and frustrations…when things start clicking, it’s time to stop and express some serious gratitude.  We have come a long way in our homeschooling journey, so this post is an “ebenezer” of sorts for me.*

We have moved from regular complaints and frustrations to asking to do extra worksheets for fun.  Micah, who previously hated learning how to read and tried to avoid it at all costs, asked to read his book twice in a row and was beaming with pride at every word he recognized and said out loud.  This is huge for us.  Ethan, who used to complain about writing and found cursive to be such a drag (albeit briefly), LOVES writing in cursive now and even writes his CBS lesson and various thank you notes mostly in cursive.  He can’t get enough of it!  Micah used to get angry about math and spent a lot of mornings running to his room out of frustration, but he is now busy saying, “this is too easy, Mom.”  Ethan, who previously hated telling me about the books he finished, now writes a couple of sentences about each book he finishes or seeks me out to tell me about them.  The boys had also been begrudgingly listening to my audiobooks or read-alouds, but now they are asking for “just one more chapter, please?!”

(I fully expect, by the way, that each season and various subjects will bring out some of those old patterns of whining and goofing around, but I am currently enjoying the fruit of a whole lot of prayer and perseverance on my part to keep on keeping on!)

Micah has been going to CBS without any tears or any anxiety for a couple weeks now and today he went to his own class for most of his CC day.  I am so thankful for his growth and bravery and for the time and patience people have granted us as we work through his fears.  It’s felt like a very long road, but in truth, we’ve only endured for a short while.  Needless to say, we celebrated today!  =)

Observations from the past few weeks:

#1 Micah is his own person.  Don’t tell him to color hearts purple.  He wants them pink.  We’ll just change the whole color key around to accommodate his artistic flair.  Oh, and you want him to circle the pictures that start with a certain letter?  No, thank you.  He prefers to color it.  And if he is supposed to color it, he’ll circle it instead.  He’s got a mind of his own, that boy!  Oh my word.

#2 Ethan is not interested in my opinion of his hair and feels it is his way to express himself and his style.  He is not in any way, shape or form interested in a trim to clean up the curly crazy stuff happening in the back or on the sides.  (The hair will be cut by Thanksgiving!!)

Thankful for this season in our homeschooling life.  The hard ones help me to praise the Lord for our growth in the easy ones. =)

*Ebenezer means “stone of help.” It’s talked about in 1 Samuel 7, in the Bible.  The Israelites used stones to mark the spot where their enemy had been stopped and God kept His promise to bless His repentant people.  Each time an Israelite saw the stone erected by Samuel, he would have a tangible reminder of the Lord’s power and protection.

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