Yard Update

I’d like to give you a little Cleve Crew yard update.  As you know, we love doing yard work and fixing super out-of-control backyard spaces.  It’s our thing.  Wait, you don’t know that?!  That’s because we don’t actually love it, but we’ve done it twice now….  Please take a moment to recall with me our yard in Georgia at it’s worst and best in this throwback post.

Now, let me take you to the present home and the process we’ve been undergoing here over the past *almost* two years.

This is what the backyard looked like in January 2015 when we moved here:

This is what it looked like that summer:

You might recall that Mike and I spent a day chopping things down that summer:

It was a long ways from good after that…but it was an improvement to us.

This past week we had a crew out to take down some more trees, bushes, and to do some stump grinding.  So the boys and I went out and snapped a few pictures before they arrived.  And then snuck pictures from the house while they were here.

We still need a plan for back there, but we’re pleased to say most of the junkie looking stuff is officially removed at this point. =)

Before and after shots thus far:


We’re a work in progress around here, but we’re liking the improvements! =)

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