The Festivus for the Rest of Us

Apparently this ^ is some Seinfield reference, but that was never a show I watched/liked/understood.  So what “The Festivus” means to our family is that Mikey competed in his first Crossfit competition.  He entered it as a novice with a couple of friends.  I never thought I’d see him wanting to do this, but now I could see it being a more regular thing.  The competition was fun and it was a pretty exciting, loud, and fun atmosphere.

Anyway, we spent the entire day last Saturday watching him (and others) compete in 5 workouts.  My understanding is that within each category (i.e. men/women novice, men/women masters, etc) they competed in each workout and were ranked.  I believe Mikey was in first place for most of the day in the novice category.  He ended in 2nd, but we’ll blame that on being absolutely exhausted and needing to do an extra workout that he was not expecting at the end of the first 5. =D  We were all really proud of his hard work and found it to be lots of fun to watch.

Also, the boys had lots of fun with other kids and both ran around all day with them!  (I seriously cannot thank the Lord enough for the healing work He’s done in Micah’s heart and mind to allow him to roam around a busy, loud gym for hours with only brief check ins with me.)

And then we celebrated with dinner and frozen yogurt (or jelly bellies for people like me):


Super proud of that guy!!!

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