My Birthday

My guys spoiled me on my birthday this year.  I woke up to kombucha and a heart from Micah, plus lots of snuggles, and then an uber eats breakfast brought to our door.  Fun!!  The boys both spoiled me with cards and gifts (now I have two “epic kid” girl Legos!), including chocolate they asked Daddio to pick up for them at the store.  Mikey also dropped a hint in his card that he’s taking me to see Josh Groban at the Pepsi Center in October!  The last time we saw him was when we were dating and it was my birthday gift when I turned 20 or something. =)  And I used some of my birthday money to buy tickets to see Hanson perform with the Colorado Symphony in September.  One of Micah’s gifts to me is to go with me.  =)

The boys and I spent the morning hiking – my favorite activity!

And Mikey and I went out for sushi and a lovely walk in Hudson Gardens that evening.  Thanks, again, for watching the boys, Ace!

It was such a delightful celebration!  Thanks for all of the texts, cards, videos, emails, gifts, and phone calls to make it so special.  I’ve been given a lot of sweet blessings in the people God put around me.  Such a gift to do life with all of you thoughtful, kind people!

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