LEGO Masters

As you already know, we are big fans of having LEGO competitions as a family. We’ve continued to do these throughout this summer, varying the teams and the themes.

This was an individual competition with the boys and Mom, building a place you’d like to visit. Micah did England and France depicted in his bakery with a constable; Ethan did Greece and I did Cinque Terre, Italy (also depicted in our puzzle). Dad voted for Ethan’s build. He was not impressed with mine. =(

This was also an individual competition with the boys and Mom, building a scene from a book. Micah did Robo-Sauce, Ethan did Wings of Fire and I did The Secret Garden. I believe Micah won this one.

Next we did a National Park build, Ethan against Mom. Micah was the judge and he liked Ethan’s build of Fort Sumter, more than my build of Arches National Park. Dad also agreed. No one really appreciated my river and waterfall, since we aren’t sure they are actual present in the park. Oops.

Micah and I competed in a restaurant build. Micah made a pretty sweet pizza shop, but my smoothie stand on the beach won.

Micah likes being the judge, so he had Ethan and I do another build against each other: a scene from a movie. We tied, I think, because everyone was very impressed with our ideas. I built Up and Ethan built The Great Escape.

Can you tell that this is one of our favorite pastimes?

Next, Micah and I were assigned to build a room in a house. Micah chose to do a kitchen, while I built the boys’ bedroom (complete with coin labs). Micah won this build.

Lastly, the boys competed against the parents in a task to build a fun family memory. We had lots of votes during one of our weekly Zoom chats and the boys took the victory. The parents were highly criticized for primarily using pieces that were already put together in our depiction of Yosemite. Meanwhile, the boys created everything from scratch to show the fun we had in Florida looking for birds. Look closely and you’ll find Grandpa and the boys taking pictures with cameras while Mom is on the stairs taking pictures with her phone. =)

I imagine this will not be the end of our LEGO masters builds. Stay tuned for more. =D

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