Celebrating my Birthday

We had lots of fun celebrating my birthday this year. I can’t actually remember the last time I received so many gifts! Micah got me a fruit bowl, Ethan got me a bike helmet, and Mike bought me two hats and a new backpack. Plus I got some yummy goats’ milk soap and new earrings! I was feeling the love all day from texts and phone calls to cards and birthday videos. We intended to go hiking, but the weather was a bit hot for our liking. So, we stayed closer to home instead.

Our favorite memory from the day was when I opened by ice cream cake and saw that they had written, “Happy Birthday, Jeff”. We haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I think it was made funnier still by the fact that I had said earlier that morning while Mikey was ordering it, “wouldn’t it be funny if they misheard you and wrote Jeff on my cake instead?” And then they did. Awesome.

I had purchased some headbands with birthday money and decided to get some that could work for my boys, too. =D Love these guys!

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