Sickness and Snow

The weekend/week of Labor Day brought about sickness and snow, both unexpected but relatively short-lived. Ethan was very tired, had a sore throat and a slight fever all weekend. By Monday, Micah had a fever and sore throat. I share our little story here only because I believe in giving glory and praise where it is due. As you’ve probably gathered from our lack of trips, visitors, or play dates, we’ve been living very close to home and keeping our own exposure and our potential spreading to a minimum. Obviously this sickness threw us for a bit of a loop. It didn’t ruffle us much until Micah’s fever spiked to 102.7 before bed on Monday night. We opted to have him sleep in bed by me and have Mike downstairs in the guest bedroom. I woke a little after 10 (don’t judge – I went to sleep with Micah at 8! =D) with Micah crying in pain and burning up. Here’s where I made my mistake – I jumped out of bed to check his temperature (something I can’t do with how quickly my blood pressure drops when I do so) and found that it had gotten up to 104.3. Knowing only that this was too high, I started praying and taking off blankets and trying to cool him down. Then I ran downstairs to get Mike and ran back upstairs to be with Micah. At this point, my body had had enough excitement and I could feel a faint coming on. Thankfully Mike caught me before I hit my head, but I did, indeed, pass out fully. By the time I came back to and was done with the initial throwing up, Mike was able to check Micah’s temperature again and found it had dropped back down to 101 something. Praise the Lord! I couldn’t have messed up that first reading as we’ve got a forehead thermometer, so I can only assume the Lord healed Micah swiftly!

Micah and I kept mumbling back and forth to each other that we were both fine and Mikey took watchful care over both of us. Sadly, after I faint I am basically useless for the next two days and have to stay lying down in bed. Our sweet boys took great care of me, getting me drinks of water, taking pictures of our first snow, and calling to check in on whether I needed anything.

Micah hates this story and was pretty traumatized again by my fainting, but we are trying to tell the story from the perspective of the Lord’s great care for us.

We ended up getting the boys tested for Covid-19 (even though we knew it was a long-shot) in an effort to protect anyone with whom we might come into contact over the next week or two. They handled the test bravely and we were grateful to find that it was NOT Covid. Originally we had wondered whether having it would give us more freedom or flexibility, but we’ve since thought about the potential long-term effects on their lungs and heart from having had it, and are thankful that we don’t have those with which to contend.

Anyway, we are grateful for health and strength (boys and I are back to full strength). We are grateful that the Lord is consistently with us. We are grateful that we are still able to walk in love for our neighbors by hanging close to home. This is a difficult season. We’re trying to choose thankfulness and kindness every day.

Also, snow in September. What fun! We had a massive temp swing from 91 to 26 in one day!

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