Before the Holidays…

School continues to go well this year. Sometimes they work from on top of the bean bag, sometimes at the table, sometimes in Micah’s office. Micah is especially enjoying the challenge of Essentials, which he is doing for the first time this year.

We finished 12 weeks of CC and only had to do part of one of those weeks virtually. We were thrilled! It’s been such a fun year in our backyard. This year they made life-size posters of their bodies, which turned out pretty cool.

The boys got a job taking care of our neighbors’ cats for a week in November. They went over twice a day to feed the cats, take care of the litter boxes and to play with them. They were incredibly responsible and earned some serious spending money from the gig. (Don’t worry, the spelling of “business” is now mastered.)

A couple of quick little snapshots of virtual life – a birthday celebration for my grandpa (who turned 94!!!), church, and working with grandpa to make Ethan’s photo book.

Other highlights include playing games and drinking hot cocoa, sharing recipes with my bro-in-law, sending color by numbers with cousins, piano-duet playing, and mama’s solo walks (including a lovely picture the boys captured when checking in via FaceTime while I walked)

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