Early February

Micah loves to do art projects. He has the wall downstairs in his office filled with pictures. He has been painting a lot lately. Meanwhile, Ethan edits his pictures and sends emails.

Micah does art even while he’s technically doing math. Zoom in to see the drawings he does while working on math problems.

Here are some other pics from school these days:

Micah is also doing a lot of cooking (or at least picking out meals to try from his cookbook) lately. This weekend we probably tried 4 or 5 recipes! He always makes a note in his cookbook with the month and year we tried it along with his rating.

I have to be a little more sneaky to get pictures of Ethan as he’s reached the age when he doesn’t love posing. He is very much into all things birds. He may be playing football down at the park, but he’ll run back up the street to grab his camera if he spies anything new. He also loves to email his friends and family. This morning he beamed with pride to say that he had an email from both of his grandpas!

And speaking of grandpas, Micah choose to dress like my dad today (complete with pens in his pocket and jeans):

We celebrated Valentine’s Day weekend with much relaxing. It was freezing outside, so we had a fire twice (including during church!). We played some games, read some books and just enjoyed each other’s company. Micah made gifts for everyone. I made strawberry syrup for our special Dutch Baby breakfast. The boys received sweet cards and also hot chocolate bombs to enjoy on the special day, too!

And lastly a quick throw back pic from a little ukulele concert done by Abe and Ivan over Zoom.

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