Colorado Weather

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of Colorado weather a number of times. I hope it doesn’t get obnoxious! I’m just so thankful to live in a place that brings such fun turns in the weather. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a few snowstorms which brought in varying amounts of snow. We’ve also had temps in the high 60s. This post will feature a good mix of both extremes and our adventures in both.

The boys built a new snow fort on the deck during one snowstorm:

We enjoyed a birding expedition at Cherry Creek Reservoir a day or two after that snow:

Not long after that we got a good foot of snow and took the morning off of school to go sledding a bunch. Daddio surprised us and joined for a bit of it!

Over one of the recent weekends we hiked in Roxborough Park. What a gorgeous park! This is one that I’ve done a bunch, but it always amazes me. I even went there when I was coming out to visit my Aunt and Uncle during my high school years.

On Friday after school was done, I took the boys on a bike ride to the ponds. Mike had been skiing – a fantastic COVID-safety-approved activity if you don’t ever have to go to the bathroom! (this is not for me or the boys!) HAHA! And this past Saturday was beautiful. Mike took the boys to City Park in the morning so that I could clean without distraction. Win win!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Mount Zion in Golden and did a short, but gorgeous hike with beautiful views.

And in the meantime, we’ve still managed to meet with our CC community in the backyard and have had such beautiful weather for it! We’re thrilled to be down to only 5 weeks of CC and all hope to spend some time together just for fun when the year is done. =D

Ethan managed to do some other schooling outdoors this week, too. I snuck a couple of pictures from the window of the house:

We also got some rain this past week and Micah offered to join me on a late night walk in the rain. I hadn’t gotten my walk in earlier in the day, so the two of us walked with head lamps and really enjoyed our time together. In fact, Micah said, “Mom, I’m taking a mental picture of this so I don’t forget it.” He then told me that he had also taken a mental picture earlier when we zoomed for Salina’s 3rd birthday and she and Grandma walked off with their little matching dusting mitts to do some dusting.

This weekend marked the first time I was able to sit outside to read in the morning and our first time using the ping pong table in quite a while. Yay!

More updates unrelated to CO weather to come. =P

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