Resurrection Weekend!

We had a lovely Resurrection weekend and hope you did, too. I spent the Lenten season reading, “Falling Into Goodness”. We are still worshipping virtually at this point and Ethan and I sent in videos for our Good Friday service. It was a very moving service, as usual. We ended the night with ice cream, a tradition we’ve done with our church family since we started going a few years ago. We missed the sweet time with friends (and family) at DQ, but enjoyed having a sweet treat together.

Mallory was very curious to worship with us on Resurrection Sunday, much to our delight! We had Reggie and his dear friend/mentor over for lunch in the backyard – so lovely! The boys got Easter baskets from an unknown friend. I was awestruck by how MANY people could have snuck over with treats for the boys. We have no idea who it was because we have too many wonderful people in our lives. Very humbling.

And we took some family pics! I was taking a pic of the boys and Mike wanted to know why he wasn’t included in the pic, so I told him he could only be in it if he was wearing teal. LOL. So he put on teal.

Sometimes the out-takes are more fun:

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