Goodbye, Grandpa and Grandma

Our final day with Grandpa and Grandma was filled with projects like painting our dining room table (something I’ve wanted to do since I messed it up the first time I did it 6 years ago) and painting our front door. I’m incredibly happy with how things turned out! (I ended up painting my bench to match, too, after they left)

Other final day happenings included some piano playing and eating dinner on the deck. Micah also wanted to try to convince them to stay longer by making a really good breakfast on the morning they were planning to leave. It didn’t work, but we did enjoy the waffles. =)

And, because there isn’t a better place to include this, Ethan and I enjoyed some quality gaming and birding time together while Micah was gone with grandparents. We played about 15 games that day (he loves when I take pictures of him) and kept track of who was winning and by how much. Later we went for a bike ride to Cherry Creek to see some birds.

Thanks for coming out for another great visit, Mom and Dad. We sure love when you do!!

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