Alaska Adventures, Pt. 1

Our family vacation to Alaska was delayed for a couple of years (can you guess why?) and when the week of the adventure came around, our crew had to delay for a little longer yet as a couple of us were sick.

Day 1: When we finally met up with the rest of the family (my parents, siblings and their families), we were given a very warm welcome: flowers, a card, and balloons! We stayed at a hotel downtown that first night to give extra space and, after playing at a park (or going birding), we ate take-out at a park near where seaplanes were (in theory) landing.

Day 2: We spent some time at a park near a beautiful lake and then did a fun little hike to see a waterfall. We also visited a very unique cemetery that we had visited when the original clan took a trip here back when I was about 7.

Each boy picked one special activity to do while there. Micah’s happened on day 2: an air taxi ride to see Denali. He did this with his Daddio, Grandma and Auntie Jen. Absolutely stunning!

Grandpa, Ethan and I watched them take off and return home again. I also sat reading on a fence post while my dad and E did some birding while we all waited to take them back to the hotel.

The Cleve Crew did our best to do most things outdoors and had to keep our crew separate as much as possible for the first half of the trip. Micah also ended up needing a lot of sleep one day early on in this trip, but bounced back quickly. Even despite these unexpected challenges, we had a delightful time. Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful. The drive from Anchorage to Valdez, for instance, was one of the prettiest drives Mike and I have ever taken! Although traveling with a group of fourteen, ranging vastly in age, we managed to find much with which to amuse ourselves on this beautiful trip – hikes, parks, delicious food, and stunning drives.

I think I will not try to put pictures in their exact day order anymore as they seem to have gotten a bit mixed up with all of our sharing. I’ll just do a bunch of pictures now and then do one more post with some final pics from the last part of the trip.

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