Spring Valley “Cross Country” Golf Tournament

On Saturday, I played in a cross country golf tournament with 3 great guys (Sam, Ed and Brandon). The tournament was unique because the course was played in completely random order using different combinations of tee boxes and greens to create new holes (ex. 17th tee box to 5th green). We tied for 1st and this video captures one of our best moments. What the video does not capture is that Brandon also hit a great drive and from the tee box it looked like his shot was closer….thus my surprise at the end of the clip.

Awesome teammates, great golf and perfect weather for mid November in Colorado. I am truly blessed.

(And yes…that is snow that you see behind the green!)

Early Christmas Present


My parents bought E “The Night Before Christmas” with a recording of them reading it.  Since E was flipping through the pages so quickly, I only caught bits and pieces and didn’t notice that it was my Dad reading until a little later.  Awesome gift – thank you! 

Right now, though, he is very interested in the package it came in: he keeps putting puzzle pieces in and out of it.


Here’s a pic of Ethan after one of his naps.  He always points to the elephant poster in his room and says, “elephant” by making an awesome noise and pretending to have a trunk.  His Dad taught him how to do it and it’s hilarious.  One of these days we’ll catch it on video.  Anyway, he loves the picture!