Micah turns 10!

My mind can’t quite comprehend that our “baby” is already ten years old! This little spunky guy is such a joy. He definitely has his own mind and can’t be easily swayed or persuaded. He is also incredibly thoughtful and has the most generous heart. We enjoyed spoiling him with many of his favorite things over his birthday weekend.

Here’s our traditional final picture with mama before he turned 10:

And here are some shots from birthday weekend. He loved getting cards, calls, videos, poems, and gifts from his family and friends.

I think he would tell you that the highlight of his day was having some of his friends (siblings of students in ChA) over to play in the backyard while I hosted an outdoor Challenge A study hall. We all had cake and sang to him. He was pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

Home Again!

We’ve hit the ground running since we returned home. We got in a birding trip soon after we arrived. The boys had another piano lesson (we officially decided Micah will take them during the fall!) which means I had another peaceful morning walk nearby. Thanks to Lauren and Jason we are now popping our own popcorn at home and loving it!

The boys were excited to get back into Krav Maga. Their coach posted this video of the “teen” class recently. Ethan is featured in it.

We celebrated my birthday – starting with homemade crepes on our special plate. =D

And we spent an evening at the Chatfield Reservoir reconnecting with some dear friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

Turks and Caicos

The long-awaited birthday trip to celebrate Grandma Cleve finally took place at the end of June. It was cancelled and rebooked at least twice, so you can imagine the thrill of *finally* getting to take this trip together! Grandma Cleve flew to Atlanta and traveled with Ashley’s family and then we all met in Turks and Caicos for a week of relaxation and gorgeous sites!

Pictures won’t do this island justice. So many of these shots look like we photoshopped ourselves into them. Unreal. I’ll start with some pictures of time at our home-away-from-home on the beach.

We enjoyed playing Bocce at the house…

Working hard to open up some coconuts…

And going snorkeling at the beach:

We ate lots of fantastic food (including the best crepes of my life!!), some all together and some on our own.

We ordered in and bought some cakes to celebrate the birthday girl one of the nights there:

We spent some time exploring the island and various beaches. I especially loved the exploring we did on our last day there. We found some gorgeous spots unlike any other place we had seen before:

Our crew took a kayaking tour of the mangroves and saw loads of sea turtles and a few baby sharks. Such a highlight!

Ethan snapped thousands of pictures and I selected a few of my favorites:

And, of course, we got a bunch of group pictures:

Including this hilarious montage (Caleb is SUCH a ham and it’s just so much fun!):

And the best group shots (done by Ethan):

Clearly this was not a trip soon forgotten! =D

Celebrating Ethan

This big guy turned 12 at the beginning of this month. He is such a delight. He wanted to eat special food, go birding twice, have ice cream cake, get vaccinated, and play at the park with our friends. We did our best to make each of his wishes come true! Throughout the day/week, he received lots of cards, phone calls and videos which all served to make him feel very loved!

As usual, we took our annual mama-and-me picture the night before he turned 12.

And then the day of celebrating began:

Celebrating Micah

On Micah’s Birthday Eve, we took our usual mama and me picture and he shared some of his special homemade cookies. Our friend didn’t realize he was turning 9, so we used the ‘8’ cookies on his final day of being 8. =) Aren’t they beautiful?