More Daily Life

Here are some more quick snapshots of life with the Cleve Crew.

We’ll start with some pics of the boys opening unexpected packages of items for camping and their bags. They were very excited!

The boys wanted to do some sparring with Mike (and each other) the other night. I only managed to snap a few pictures as I was too busy laughing. I’ve never seen Mike be bested so badly in any sport he’s played. It was so much fun! He was a good sport. Micah kept yelling at him, “The best defense is a good offense. Show me your face. Throw some punches.”

We were able to do some schooling on the road (over at the reservoir) last week because our piano was being tuned. No one wanted to stick around to listen to that. It was lots of fun being outside for the morning of studies.

  1. Ethan played in church again recently (you can always watch on our church’s YouTube channel, if ever you’re interested). Micah and I hung out in the church library during his practice. 2. We often have two neighborhood friends over at our house for football or scooter-riding. It’s lots of fun watching from the windows. =) 3. We still enjoy playing games when we’re all home. We got in a game of Splendor one night and Parcheesi another night. 4. And we spend a lot of time looking at books together, too. 5. Our crew did our family presentation at CC last Monday – we chose to tell our favorites of various categories (i.e. favorite bird, game, sport, book, hobby). And 6. The boys began piano lessons again and, therefore, I snuck away on one of my favorite quick walks in Denver.

And, finally, here are some shots from homeschool life. 1. Ethan waiting to do Latin with me. 2. Discussions at Dawn. 3 and 4. Ethan working on a presentation about Copernicus for class with his brother acting as Copernicus. 5. Study Hall with Ethan’s class – we watched The Phantom Tollbooth together since we had read and discussed it together for the past couple of weeks.

Switching things up

As I mentioned previously, we started talking about switching things up in order to better host/entertain and in order to move all of our schooling downstairs. We were able to move fairly quickly on all of this – donations were picked up, orders were placed, furniture was assembled (by yours truly). I also started making changes to our wall decorations. I’m really pleased with how things turned out.

Home again!

We spent the first couple of days upon our arrival resting (trying to stay awake while utterly exhausted), doing laundry, mowing the lawn, working out, and getting food in the house. But it was nice to get back into our usual rhythms again.

Mike had to travel to Minnesota that first full week back. We made popsicles to beat the heat and also went on a birding trip to a new spot. We invited Mel, Joel, and Matthew over on a whim to enjoy homemade pizza and homemade ice cream one of those nights.

We celebrated our 16-year anniversary and then Independence Day when Mikey was back home again. We played pickleball, I think, for our anniversary (the day after, I believe) and had homemade fondue at the house, and I went to see Micah earn his blue belt. Micah was able to earn his blue belt by re-teaching his class one of the skills they had learned previously – I think it was the short jab maybe? He had missed tip testing, but his coaches gave him an opportunity to still earn with the rest of his class. For Independence Day we had our usual dessert, played some ping pong, went for a bike ride on the Highline Canal (or maybe we did that for our anniversary, I can’t remember now) and enjoyed some fireworks in our neighborhood.

The following week Mike had a very quick trip to play golf with some friends. Thankfully he was home in time to deal with Micah’s injury. A neighborhood friend accidentally crashed his bike into Micah and he ended up needing eight stitches! He was mega brave and we were so proud of the way Ethan handled the situation by calmly walking him home right away and reminding him to apply pressure to the wound.

Alaska Adventures, Pt. 2

We were only in Valdez for a quick evening before getting on the ferry to Seward. Our crew ate at “The Fat Mermaid” and loved watching bald eagles and baby bunnies all evening. I’m hopeful I can show some of Ethan’s pictures from that spot because they were pretty remarkable.

On Ethan’s special outing, he enjoyed another boat ride. He, Mike and Grandpa enjoyed birding from this boat for seven hours on Father’s Day.

We spent most of this trip out and about, but I did snap a few pictures at various homes we stayed in.

Other highlights included walking part of the first mile of the Iditarod trail, checking out the salmon run, exploring the wildlife sanctuary (and finally seeing bear!), playing at parks, going for a few different hikes, and (on our final day) taking a trolley ride. Our crew also especially liked breakfast out at a place we heard about from Diners, Dives and Drive-ins.

Pictures don’t do this State justice. It’s simply beautiful and worth a visit! We were very thankful to have this opportunity and to spend time with people we love while doing it.

Ethan becomes a teenager

As we often (but not always, as you’ll see below) do, we snapped a mama-and-me picture of Ethan’s final night as a twelve-year-old. I thought it might be fun to show each year leading up to this one. These start in 2009 and lead up to the present year.