Before the big trip…

Just thought I’d do a quick “catch all” post from before our midwestern tour during the month of June.

Brothers hanging around the house together.

We had a random snow storm right after my Dad left, so we had to have some hot chocolate and treats since it was May and snowing! =)


We finished another year of school and I managed to take end of year pictures to compare. Woot.

I went to my cousin’s graduation from High School (he was 10 months old, I think, when I first came out to Colorado for college!) and got some pictures of some of the brothers celebrating. =).

Family bike ride to a favorite park a couple miles away:

A couple birthday parties and a play date during which I got in some snuggle time:

Next up: travels to the midwest.

Friends in Town

Our dear friends from Georgia took an RV trip across the country and we were bound and determined to see them!  We were supposed to join them camping, but we had to bail on that plan when Ethan got the staples in his head.  So, instead, we drove to the Fort Collins area for an afternoon (after the staples were removed) to spend time with them.  Both Ethan and C were apparently “nervous” about seeing each other again, but they hit it off like usual.  It was so sweet to see!!

The boys hadn’t seen each other, I don’t think…since we moved back in January of 2016.  I see Katie every time I go to Atlanta to help my sister at the trade shows.


Also, nice to see that the big boys are still a lot alike even after a few years…

We’re big fans of this family!


It’s always fun to do a little comparison – first day of school to the last day.

This school year began in August and Ethan was 4.5 feet tall and 65.5 lbs and Micah was 3.5 feet tall and weighed 43.4 lbs.

Here’s where they stand today: Ethan is 4.6 feet tall  and weighs 71.8 lbs.  Micah is 3’11” and is now 47.2 lbs.

Physically, they have grown quite a bit this year, but emotionally and intellectually there’s been even more growth.  It’s exciting, hard, and humbling to get to help mold these young men!



First Day:                                         Last Day:

We have come a long way since our first day of CC and our first day of homeschooling, back in 2015.  Look at those babies. =)

Grandma Cleve’s Visit!

Grandma Cleve left us late Saturday night after a whirlwind of activity.  We squeezed a whole lot into her week with us and I’m guessing she spent today sleeping and recuperating from her trip. =D We love that she is always up for an adventure!

We had the pleasure of hosting her for the first couple of nights, then she stayed by Ashley and her family for the next couple and finished her trip with us.  We spent a whole lot of time on the soccer fields, something Grandma Cleve has spent decades doing with her children.  The boys each had two games on the first weekend and played in their final games of the season the following weekend.



We also spent some time with Aunt Ashley, Uncle Zach and cousin Caleb.  They came over for dinner and we also went over there to swim.  Thought it would be fun for you to see the progression of the boys with Grandma Cleve over the last 7 months:

We also had the chance to meet Grandma Cleve’s aunt, who happens to live 10 minutes away from us.


Grandma Cleve also took two things off of her bucket list and had SO much fun!  She was beaming from ear to ear when she told the boys and me about her adventures with Ashley and Mike (and Caleb, too).  Mike took her white water rafting in the Royal Gorge and she and Ashley went zip-lining!  Happy to report that no one sustained any injuries (although Mike was injured before going…) and everyone stayed in the raft! =D


Thanks for another awesome visit, Grandma Cleve!  We enjoyed having you. =)

Side note: I’ll do a separate post about our dart wars party in the park….

Final days of homeschool

We planned to finish our school year by the time my parents’ made their summer visit out to Colorado and we managed to finish everything (almost!) necessary to start summer break nice and early!

Ethan worked hard to finish his Singapore math workbook and finished the week just doing flashcards.  Micah’s math has been all over the place this year, so we just worked on number recognition at the end just to make sure we had taken care of that important part!  So, he would read the math problem on the flashcards and Ethan would answer as soon as he heard it. =)


I snapped some pictures as comparisons from our first day of school.  They have both grown in so many ways this year – weight, height, intellect, maturity – we’re very proud of the young men they are becoming!

                       First Day:                                                                                    Last Day:


We went for a bike ride to the park and then out for lunch to celebrate our last day.  The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun!  The boys wanted to take those pictures of marmalade jam for my Dad since I had told them that he always loved it on his sandwiches when I was a kid. =D

We finished the year with a fun art project.  I worked on making new summer reading charts for them.  The boys loved my castle, so they worked on their own castles, too!  I wanted to include pictures of the boys with their summer reading posters from last summer, too. They stayed up until we put these new ones in their room! =D

We had a great homeschooling year!  So proud of these boys for working hard all year and making it *mostly* a very enjoyable experience!!

Dates with Mom

Recently a friend of mind told me about a chance to see Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and since we studied Beethoven this year, I wanted to take the boys.  Micah had no interest in going since he did not like any of Beethoven’s work and found it all to be “too loud”.  Ethan was interested, so I opted to just take him.  My friend’s son had also learned about Beethoven at his school, so I agreed to take him along with us (they had scheduling conflicts, so they couldn’t join us).  It was so much fun and they were SO well behaved!!

These boys have been friends for years…

Because we had scheduled this outing, my friend and I wanted to find something fun to do with our younger kiddos.  She found a Disney on Ice performance nearby, so we grabbed tickets and did this one we all together (the four of us)!  We went to a fun pizza place beforehand and the boys had fun playing some of the games in the restaurant.  Micah is a fan of selfies and requested these ridiculous ones before we headed out on our date. =D

Mike and I cherish the time we get to spend with our boys.  We love our one-on-ones and would also love to snag some two-on-ones when we have the chance!

Wrapping up March, Part 2

We also had the pleasure of babysitting baby Caleb.  Micah particularly loves to babysit him and is very helpful in keeping him occupied.

Caleb is almost 5 months old already, which is hard to believe!  I decided to show the boys pictures of themselves when they were 4 months old.  I thought I’d share that with you guys, too!  Can you figure out which boy is which?

The top two pictures are of Ethan at 4 months.  The bottom two are of Micah at the same age.  I included one of Ace because it’s kind of fun to think about her now being a mom to a boy the same age as in that picture. =)

I snapped this picture of Ethan during our one-on-one last week.  He sure is growing up!


I took the boys out to a musical last week with some of our friends.  I met Libby at CCU, so it was fun to go back to our campus with her and two of her boys.  We enjoyed some delicious, albeit spicy, Indian food before attending the Suessical, a play put on by homeschooled kiddos.  Such a fun night!

While we were in Lakewood, we walked by the apartment where Mike and I lived in our first year of marriage.  Ethan pointed to our balcony for a picture. =D  Throwback pictures to us during our first year of marriage living at that apartment.

Next up…April!


Every now and then I like to look back to see what Ethan was up to at Micah’s current age.  It gives me new ideas of things to try with him, but mostly it’s just fun to see their looks:

The other day I held each boy in my arms and it was hilarious to me to see how they each still chose to be held the way they were held as babies.  Ethan sat up straight and looked me in the face, keeping his body away from mine.  Micah immediately put his head on my shoulder and snuggled up close.  They definitely have their own little personalities and were very much born that way.  These are pics from both boys around 2-4 months old.  Check it out:




Garden of the Gods

A couple of weekends ago, we took the boys down to Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods.  The trip was more brief than I would have liked – I love that spot! – but it was nice to show them the area.  We’ll go again when it’s a little cooler and we have it more planned out. =)

Check out this throwback comparison (this is when Mikey and I were just dating – our freshman year of college!):

And then we drove…

So when we were done with the flu and we had packed up two cubes, we were ready to move!  Here we are on moving day:

We went to whole foods one last time with our dear friends – and the reason we were able to move to Georgia in the first place:


And then we headed to grandpa Russ’ house. We took that 12 hour trip in two days and it went very smoothly. I’ll share pictures from our time with him in another post. Here are some road trip pics:

And just for fun – a pic of us on our first and last day in Georgia: