Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…

Here’s what our house looked like when we moved in:



For a long time it looked like this:

IMG_6567 IMG_7477

And then this weekend…

IMG_2723 IMG_2727 IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2737 IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_7494 IMG_7495


We’ve come a long way.  Lots of work still pending, but it sure feels good to have one side *almost done!

*we are waiting on one final bush, but the hole is prepped and ready to plant!

We’ve also done some work with our neighbor on the area in between our houses.  You may remember this guy:

IMG_2587 IMG_2680 IMG_2682


Roses will be planted here soon and the finishing touches will be done to the wall also.  It looks so much nicer already.  We love our neighbors!!

And we love getting dirty!




On Friday we officially had all of the drainage issues fixed outside of our house!  They did a great job…but we haven’t had any of that infamous Georgia rain since then so we will have to wait for a more comprehensive review. =)

IMG_7422 IMG_7424 IMG_7428 IMG_2580


This weekend, Mike and our neighbor got to work on our front/side of our house.  Mike cut out the massive bushes and then the two of them worked to build a retaining/garden wall.  Our neighbors hope to plant some rose bushes there eventually.  The wall should be finished tomorrow sometime.  What a beautiful change!!

IMG_2584 IMG_2587 IMG_2588 IMG_2592 IMG_2596 IMG_2597 IMG_2598


We spent time outside all weekend keeping them company.  And, of course, we had fun visits from our neighbors.  Such beautiful weather!

IMG_2585 IMG_2586 IMG_2595

Always a project…

You may be noticing a trend…the Cleve Crew is always working on some sort of project around our house!  This past week and weekend, we started work on a new patio in our backyard.  We have been INCREDIBLY blessed by a family in our church who was able to get the supplies to us free of cost (in exchange for a photo shoot for Lowes, I believe…) and has also offered to donate his time and energy to help us build it.  Awesome!!  And let me tell you, it’s beautiful.  We are halfway done and VERY impressed.

Here are some pictures from our work out there.  The boys and I spent some time weeding and removing rocks during the week…in the rain…  We got filthy and had a blast.  =)

IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_1987

And here’s the patio project…a work in progress:



Next week we should have more to show!!!

Our House

We recently removed all of the bushes (and most of the weeds) from the front of our house.  It’s a HUGE work in progress, but it’s eventually going to look really wonderful. =)  Feel free to give us any insight you might have on what to plant there…it’s a big undertaking and we’re a little overwhelmed.  Also, we don’t have green thumbs. =/

IMG_6567 IMG_6569

Also, we recently put out some bird seed on our back porch.  It’s been lots of fun watching all of the birds!  Cardinals and Blue Jays are the most frequent visitors, but we’ve seen some Red Finches, Mourning Doves, and Robins as well.

IMG_1395 IMG_1398

Birthday Weekend

We started celebrating Ethan’s birthday already last weekend with Uncle Jason and Aunt Jennie.  Already posted those pictures.

On Friday we skyped with Grandma Cleve and Aunt Ashley and opened up a bunch of birthday presents. So fun!  We spent the next couple of days playing with those funs gifts and decorating his room.

IMG_0883IMG_0885IMG_0891 IMG_0887 IMG_0894IMG_0939 IMG_0936 IMG_0941 IMG_0899

On Saturday, we skyped with Grandpa and Grandma to open presents.  We also opened the tennis racquet and balls from us (already posted those pics).

IMG_0909 IMG_6169 IMG_6174 IMG_0927

We also spent a lot of time in our backyard.  Mike rented a tiller from Home Depot and the boys and I did a little helping, too.  We hung out in the back of Mike’s car when we were too dirty to go in the house.  Then we went to the pool to cool off. (no pics…)

IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_6175 IMG_0914 IMG_0918 IMG_0919 IMG_0920 IMG_0922 IMG_6186


We had a little ice cream before bed while wearing our awesome new masks (thanks, Hana!).



On Sunday, we went to church.  That evening we went for a little hike at a park nearby.

IMG_6199 IMG_6195 IMG_0931 IMG_6211 IMG_6217

And read books in our masks:

IMG_6220 IMG_6222