The Start of February

Playing games:

Doing schoolwork (reading fun books and books for Ethan’s big Faces and Places in Ancient History project, doing a mega brief art study on Durer, diagramming sentences – we sent this one to Aunt Mel to get it corrected!, and Micah admiring his schoolwork thus far for the year:

Ethan went to his first drop-and-go birthday party while Micah and Daddio had eye appointments.  I was thanking the Lord for all of the growth we’ve seen in both boys this year.  Ethan was a-okay with someone else driving him around and playing at Dart Warz solo and Micah was able to use the letters for his eye exam, rather than the pictures.  Woot!

And, finally…this is a little glimpse of parenting boys.  They throw snowballs at the kitchen window to get my attention.


Micah’s Check up

So, we went to Micah’s 3 year check up earlier this month.  It went well, with the small exception of Micah not wanting to stand on the scale to get weighed (I can laugh about it now….but it was not pleasant at the time!!).  He didn’t even flinch when they pricked is finger for the iron/cholesterol check, but didn’t want to keep that pesky bandaid on for long.  Here are the gory details:

Weight: 33 lbs 2.5 ounces

Height: 37 1/4 inches

Total Cholesterol: 222 (138 last year); 85 HDL (40 last year)

Our pediatrician is concerned about Micah’s cholesterol…we’re not.  We were actually pretty pumped to see how awesomely high his HDL is now.  It’s certainly interesting to try to have a conversation with someone in the healthcare profession about differing views on what’s healthy, but we believe that high HDL cholesterol is great for his developing brain and his heart, so we’re not worried about it and are not planning to slow down on the egg yolks or red meat. 😉

IMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1539

Afterwards, we got a salad as a little special treat for the “trauma” of the appointment…and, yes, it had eggs in it. =P


All Things Micah!

Here’s some fun information on sweet little Micah who is 2 years old now…wow!

Height: 34.75 inches (AKA almost 3 feet tall)

IMG_3834 IMG_3837

Weight: 27.4 lbs

IMG_3838 IMG_3839

Temperature: 102.3 was the high on his actual birthday. poor kid.

Size: 2T

Likes: cars, sitting at the counter in the kitchen playing cars, coloring, racing E around the house, eating, drinking milk, being held by Mommy, Christmas lights, watching “Cars” or “Life” (“huge bubble!” -Micah), building tall towers with legos, and hiding in the pantry.

Dislikes: being told “no”, not being held by Mommy when he wants to be held, watching a show that Ethan picks if it’s not “Cars” or “Life”, and having any of his cars taken away from him

He sleeps from 8 until 6:30 most days and almost always takes at least an hour nap.  He’s a big snuggler and is starting to talk A LOT (though we are still having some trouble understanding everything, we can probably understand about 85% of what he says).  He shares very well, but is definitely stubborn about some things.  Such a gift to raise this little boy into a brave, kind, Jesus-loving young man!!

IMG_3896 IMG_3806 IMG_3847

Doc Appointments

While my mom was here a couple weeks ago, I was able to take our each of our boys to their first Georgia doctor appointments.  We did Ethan’s 4 year and Micah’s 18 month check up.


Weight: 43.5 pounds (90-95%) and length: 43 inches (90-95%)

He had to get a few shots, but thankfully we won’t be doing any more until he turns 11 years old.  He had a great appointment.  Crazy side note: they check 4 year olds’ cholesterol.  What?!  His was great. =D  We did find out, however, that E has a slight heart murmur.  She had no reason to be concerned about it since it stopped as soon as he was standing up…but it was the first we had ever heard about it.

IMG_6643 IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6653



Weight: 24 lbs 12 oz (25-50%) and length: 33 3/4 inches (75%)

Unfortunately, I went to this appointment alone right before lunch and nap time.  All that to say, Micah was not such a big fan.  He’s healthy, though, so all is well.

IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1635 IMG_1636

Doc appts


We went to the doctor last week for Micah’s 1-yr check up and for a basic visit for Ethan (3.5 yrs). Both boys are healthy, although we need to work on porking Micah up a bit. He’s pretty tall, but a light-weight. So we’ve started whole milk and feeding him basically anytime he fusses. 🙂

6 month check up

Micah had a late 6-month check up on Tuesday.  And by “late” I mean that he is nearly 7 months old.  He’s doing very well and handled his shots like a champ (I nearly cried seeing him cry, as usual).  He is mega long/tall!  

Weight: 18 lb 4 oz (50%)

Height: 28 1/4″ (90%)

Head: 44.5 cm (60%)


Today I pulled out some more old clothes of Ethan’s – 18 month outfits – for Micah. Yikes!  Mostly, he will wear 12 month stuff, but Ethan had a lot of 18 month summer clothes, but not so many 12 month.

Eye Doctor

Ethan and I went to the eye doctor last week.  Micah joined in the fun – very interesting trying to hold him while telling the difference between a “D” and an “O”.  We were a little concerned for a bit that he might be color blind, but it turns out that he just doesn’t know his numbers all that well (or is very funny).  He said, “20” a lot; they only do 1-10.  At any rate, our eyes are in good shape and Ethan can distinguish color afterall.