Spotlight on Ethan


All About Ethan

Interviewed by Mom during a one-on-one

April 24, 2017

Favorite color: blue and black

Favorite food: turkey burgers

Favorite animal: cheetah

Favorite CC song: French Revolution

Best Friend: *long pause* “Well, one of them is Harrison.”  (later when I mentioned Micah, he said, “oh yeah!  of course, Micah!”)

Favorite thing to play: Narnia

Favorite toy: legos

Favorite book: Magic Tree House World War II story

Best thing about you: *long pause* “My hands…wanna know why?  Because I can do all the things I like to play and build and such with my hands.”

Spotlight on Micah


All About Micah

Interviewed by Mom during a one-on-one

April 17, 2017

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Cake

Favorite animal: Owl

Favorite CC song: “World War II leaders” AND “Fall of Communism”

Best Friend: Ethan

Favorite thing to play: “Them” (which means anything he and Ethan play with various figures, rather than as themselves being the characters)

Favorite toy: my storm trooper bionicle

Favorite book: the battle book about the knights

Best thing about you: “that God made me!”