Grandpa Russ

Grandpa Russ came out for a visit last week! ¬†He usually likes to come during the summer, but our summer was a little hectic, so he came out in early “fall” (although still technically summer…) and enjoyed the hot weather with us. ūüėČ We always enjoy his visit – we spend a lot of time outside and usually enjoy ice cream a couple times, too! ¬†He also got to see what daily life is like around here, so he joined us at PE + (our first class of the school year) and listened in on some of our homeschooling around the house.


We went to the reservoir twice while he was with us.  It was lots of fun to use the kayaks he had given us last summer with him.  Hopefully he could get a sense of how much we all enjoy using them!!  One of the times we had Ace, Zach and Caleb join us which added to the fun!

Day 1:


Day 2:





Sadly, I pinched a nerve in my back and was in excruciating pain when he first arrived and for the first bit after that. ¬†So, I didn’t participate in the kayaking, but I was able to walk at that point, so I just walked and then finished a book.


Look at how nicely Micah decorated the floor on the night I couldn’t move off the floor:


Thanks for coming out for a visit, Grandpa Russ!  We loved having you!!

Grandpa Russ!

Grandpa Russ drove out for his first visit to our home this past weekend.  We had an awesome time with him!

We spent Thursday evening at our house with Ashley and Zach joining us for dinner and ice cream downtown afterwards. ¬†Total bonus for that side of our family: visiting two kids at the same time! ¬†We also stopped by REI to get life jackets for our boys because…Grandpa Russ gave us two kayaks!!!

These kayaks are awesome! ¬†In fact, they are the kayaks Mikey and his family grew up using in Montana. ¬†I even kayaked in them when I went to Montana over my 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any pictures of Mike as a kid in it or from us in them over that trip… ¬†But they are now in Denver with us and we are loving it! ¬†We spent a good chunk of Friday playing at Cherry Creek Res with the kayaks. =)

We also spent a fair amount of time going through these coins that Grandpa Russ brought for the boys.  They were so excited about it!  Ethan found 3 quarters he had been missing from his quarter collection/book, so that was extra exciting!

Other highlights included more time with Ashley and Zach at our house (with our new game of corn hole Рalso brought by Grandpa Russ!) and back at Cherry Creek Res for some kayaking and having a picnic with them.  We also made apple crisp with apples he brought from his backyard!  And the guys had some fun going for walks and playing at the park, too!  It was a great trip and we are looking forward to his return over Thanksgiving.