Yellow Belts

The boys earned their yellow belts at Krav Maga and we all celebrated their achievement at a special graduation ceremony on Friday night.

They also each got to break a board (either with their hands or their feet). Our boys both chose to do it by hand, but used different thrusts. Micah’s video. Ethan’s video.

My friends got some fun pictures of our CC group and their coach snapped some awesome ones of each of them, too.

And as we left for the evening, we got a family shot and one of the boys in their new belts together.

Non-Moving Related Updates

Before I continue with our moving activities (so similar to our Advent activities that the boys keep asking, “what’s our Advent activity today??” and I have to keep reminding them that this is for moving, not for Christmas), I wanted to give some updates on our life here for the past month.

The boys and I had an awesome time celebrating the first Packers playoff game.  We decorated the living room in green and gold and had a little Packers picnic.  Ethan even drew a picture to send to the Packers to encourage them (we sent it online)!  Mike was in Colorado…buying our house, I think! =)

Homeschooling and Classical Conversations continues to go well.  Ethan absolutely LOVED reading the first Boxcar Children book (and wants to read more of them) with me and is now enjoying “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.”  His handwriting has improved greatly (thankfully!) and so has his spelling.  Math is probably our most challenging subject, but he seems to grasp pretty tough concepts.  We are doing adding and subtracting within 20.  Anyway, here are some pictures of that this month:

Micah is working on his alphabet in preschool and we’re starting to talk about reading (he’s got to get the letters down first, don’t think we’re doing anything spectacular with a 4 year old reader or anything! ;)).  He loves to give pictures to me and asked to take a picture of it the other day.  He also loves to dress up in various outfits…sometimes extra pants, sometimes his tiger costume, and often his army or Packers clothes.  He keeps us laughing!

Ethan tested for his yellow belt in martial arts this month.  He had to write his first essay: what is respect?  We are happy to report that he passed the test and is officially a yellow belt!  He was very excited!!

Aunt Jennie was in town for her Atlanta Tradeshow and I had the pleasure of helping her for a few days.  This is always a fun thing for me; I love what she does and I like getting to spend time with her!  She also came to our house for a couple days afterwards to see the boys.  I’ll post more pictures of this later, when doing our moving activities post, but here are a few from that weekend:


Also, we had a winter storm!! ;D

And we had lots of fun with an old toy of Grandma Cleve’s this weekend. =)

In Other News…

Ethan has officially earned his camo belt at Pro Martial Arts.  He earned it by making martial arts a good habit.  He will need to be tested in order to earn all future belts.  I’m honestly not sure if he will even want to test out of his camo belt, though, because he REALLY loves it. =)

Classical Conversations concluded last week until January and we had a fun Christmas party.  We were supposed to dress in our tackiest Christmas clothes…which we didn’t have…so we wore red and green. =)  The rest of the class did such a great job getting in the holiday spirit – especially our tutor and her daughter!!  What fun!  Side note, we are still doing homeschool this week, but we’ll take a couple weeks off for Christmas after this.

The boys LOVE wearing all things camouflage!  Big thanks to Grandma Cleve for the camo pants.  And, woot woot, extra bonus: camo shirts/sweatshirts were found at Kid to Kid. =)  The boys love to play “war” these days…and so they wear their army clothes, often along with their knight helmets and superhero capes. =)

P.S.  Ethan is doing “the people’s eyebrow” at me at lunch.  Hilarious.  Jen and Jason – that’s from you! =)


Martial Arts

A couple of weeks ago there was an incredible deal going on at Pro Martial Arts, where we had previously gone to a couple of free classes.  They were offering half off the price of up to 6 months of martial arts classes.  We decided this was an opportunity we didn’t want to pass up, so we signed Ethan up for classes twice a week.  Unfortunately, Micah did not want to participate, so for now he won’t be doing any Martial Arts.  E has been loving it thus far and is starting to get a hang of what to do.  Everything is done and said pretty fast, so it’s a little overwhelming.