Norway was gorgeous.  In terms of sights to see, this was my favorite country.  It may be because of the laid back, less crowded activities of the couple days we were here, but mostly…just look at these pictures.  It was stunning.

– Day 6 – 

We spent a couple of hours in Oslo, Norway before taking the most beautiful train ride imaginable over to Bergen.  Oslo was under a lot of construction at the time, but it was still a lovely city.  Ethan and I explored the Opera house building – such neat architecture!  Micah was more interested in chilling than in exploring, so he took turns with one of us just enjoying the sights from a seat somewhere in the city.

We loved the 7-hour train ride to Bergen – it is hard to put into words how beautiful it was.  I kept trying to read my book and needing to put it down because everything out the window was stunning.  There were waterfalls and tunnels galore!  The boys took some naps, read some books, enjoyed the views and ate some food.

We arrived in Bergen, walked in the rain to our hotel, ate dinner, played legos and wrote in journals and went to bed. =)

Day 7 –

The following day we enjoyed a fjord tour.  I believe this was the longest and deepest fjord that Norway has to offer, but I might be mistaken.  I can tell you for certain that it was gorgeous.  The boys spent a lot of time playing legos and would take turns going outside to look around with Daddio.  Mike was outside most of the time – he couldn’t get enough of it!  He was standing outside taking pictures and enjoying the scenery even when it was raining!


Stunning.  I kept thinking of the verse, “Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere” and finding myself excited to see what heaven is like because the views here felt hard to beat. =D

Next we spent a too short visit in Flam (we’d stay here longer if we ever return) and then took an amazingly picturesque train ride .

That evening we had a break from the rain in Bergen, so we opted to have a picnic lunch at a park up in Floibanen.  SO much fun!


The following morning we were so thankful that we had gone up to the park the night before because it was pouring.  We walked around Bergen in the rain for a bit and then headed to the airport for our next adventure: Sweden.