Mike & Micah’s One-on-One Trip

Not long after we returned home, it was time for each of us to head in different directions.  Ethan went on his 10-year-old-trip-with-grandpa-and-grandma to Philadelphia.  I traveled to Atlanta to help my sister at her trade show and got to see family and friends there, too.  Meanwhile, Mike and Micah had their one-on-one trip for the year.

They had one day at home before heading out:

They first flew down to Phoenix so that Micah could spend a day with Grandma Cleve.  Since Ethan and I were gone for such a long time, Mike wanted to make sure Micah had some extra fun, even though a one-on-one trip with him is typically only a long weekend.  Micah had developed an awful rash prior to the trip, but it sadly grew worse over time.  Apparently, though, he was not one to complain about it even though it looked pretty miserable.  He loved his special day with Grandma Cleve, particularly going mini-golfing in the dark!

The following morning, the guys grabbed breakfast with Grandma Cleve and Great Granny A and then were off on their adventure to San Diego.

Day 1 – traveling to San Diego and enjoying the hotel, cool car, and the beach:

Day 2 – Sea World

These two had a wonderful time together.  It was remarkable to me to see how much growth Micah experienced when comparing this trip to the one he took last year with Mike.  Such a difference a year can make!

Grandpa and Grandma here (part 2)

I flew to Phoenix on Friday morning and came back home again on Sunday with Mikey.  I’ll include a few pictures we took from our time there at the end of this one, but I’ll keep the focus on the fun the boys had with Grandpa and Grandma in town.  And they really did have a whole lotta fun together!

The boys taught them a new game and played a whole tournament of it:

They also worked on Halloween costumes for CC.  I had ordered some things for the book characters they were going to dress up as, but the box didn’t arrive until I was already gone.  So I tasked my parents with making sure everything fit and making the necessary additions – like a red feather for Reepicheep’s ear.  Thank you!!  Parts of Micah’s costume (King Peter) came in handy for playing “Queen” with Grandma.  I understand this may have been my mom’s favorite game to play – she got to order people around and get served by the knights/servants. =D

Ethan and Grandpa spent some time making a bird feeder (more pictures to come in the next post).

38 Bird feeder, 6911

And they also went down to the park a couple times to rake the leaves and jump in them, sometimes while catching the football.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix…we were eating lots of good food, playing pickle ball, and hiking.  Mike spent a whole lotta time playing PIG and I enjoyed reading my book.  We were SO glad to get to spend much of Sunday with Grandma Cleve, with quick little visits with both grandparents, as well!

Next up…a couple final days all together in Denver.

Mesa Verde

We began our school year with a really fun field trip.  My Aunt Melanie is homeschooling her youngest son and is studying Colorado history this year and she asked if we would be interested in going to Mesa Verde with them.  We jumped at the opportunity since we are studying ancient history!  And we were even more thrilled when my Mom agreed to fly out and join us!

The park wasn’t too busy or too hot, so this season was awesome for our trip.  (We also planned it around Mike’s trip to Phoenix where he saw his family and also spent time with his friends for his fantasy football draft.)  We listened to Fablehaven on the drive there and back; it received mixed reviews but we all agreed that it helped to pass the time!  We stayed at the Fair View Lodge within the park and ate all of our meals inside the park, too.  Here are some pics from the trip and at our lodge:

We spent two full days exploring the cliff dwellings, which were beautiful! It’s hard to imagine that they have stood there for over 800 years already!  Here are some pictures of the dwellings and our hikes in and around them:

On the way out, Micah and Matthew completed their Jr Ranger’s program and then we had an incredible breakfast at Absolute Bakery – highly recommend – in Mancos.  The boys each enjoyed a can of Sprite – milestone! – on the drive back to Denver.

We LOVED this opportunity to travel with family and explore our distant backyard.  Thanks to my Auntie for driving us and organizing everything.  And thanks to my Mom for making the trip out to join us!  Let’s do it again!!

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from Mikey’s trip to Phoenix.  He tells me he had a great time!  It’s a lovely gift that the draft takes place where he can also have some special time with his Mom (and grandparents, too!).

Phoenix Pt 2: the wedding

Ashley and Zach’s wedding was beautiful!  The bride was stunning!  Our boys made it down the aisle…holding hands and smiling…like little champs.  Pictures can’t fully show the beauty of the day…but they come close.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I am sure I’ll be posting plenty more in the future as the professional pics are bound to be much better than ours. =)

1497766_10201243331220737_207030247_n 1506626_10201243137095884_1082409405_n IMG_4407 IMG_9074 IMG_9063 IMG_9099 IMG_9103 IMG_9109 IMG_9128 IMG_9234 IMG_4445 IMG_9230 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_4441 28181_10201243304940080_1953772233_n IMG_9150 IMG_9158 IMG_4415 IMG_4418


The picture of the cupcake surprise is just for YOU, Ace! =D  sooo good!

Phoenix Pt 1

On New Years Day, we flew out to Phoenix.  Unfortunately, we missed our flight by about five minutes (the plane was still there, but they gave our seats away to people on stand by), so we spent 12 hours traveling.  We kept in pretty good spirits and…I don’t mean to brag here, but this is a pretty big deal…our boys were incredible!! =)  We had SUCH a lovely time seeing Mike’s side of the family and celebrating our little sister’s wedding day (pics to come in “Pt 2”).

Some traveling pictures:

IMG_4355 IMG_4333 IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4342 IMG_4349 IMG_8817

We spent the rest of our vacation soaking up some much needed time with our family and getting prepared for the big day!  We saw grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles – wonderful time!!  We were all so thankful that we got some pictures of the boys with their…get this…great, GREAT grandma!  How crazy is that?!  Ethan had a special date out with Grandma Cleve to go see all of the beautiful Christmas lights – definitely one of his highlights from the trip.  I went to the spa with the ladies to get a pedicure – SO fun!  And we got to watch the Packers game…sniff, sniff…with some fellow die-hard fans!!

IMG_4356 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4363 IMG_4393 IMG_4392 IMG_4365 IMG_8884 IMG_8928 IMG_8941 IMG_8988 IMG_8994 IMG_9001 IMG_9006 IMG_4429 IMG_9199 IMG_4391

I was really happy to be able to attend Ashley’s bachelorette party, too.  I took a few pictures of the group… I learned something about myself…as it turns out, I am really, really bad a laser tag.  I love it.  But I’m horrible.  I’m also worse than I thought I was at bowling.  Sigh.  All in all, though, it was a great night!

IMG_4374 IMG_4385 IMG_4387