Ethan and Hana

As I was going through pictures to find for one of my previous posts about Mike’s weekend in California, I ran across a lot of cute pictures of Ethan and Hana together over the years.  You’ve seen most of these pictures in years past, but I wanted to have them all in one post…the best of the best of the two of them over the years:

This is when I met Hana and was pregnant with Ethan, but didn’t know it.


Easter of 2009, a couple of months before Ethan was born: 

100_2206 IMG_3469  

When Cass first met Ethan (no Hana, but it was still worth adding to this compilation): 

IMG_0102 2

When our kiddos first met: 

Cass, Hana, Jess, Ethan, May, 2010-s 100_4054

Cass’ trip to Colorado, without Hana this year: 


This was the best picture I have from this time together.  We went to Monkey Joes around Christmas together.DSC01415 DSC01405

Hana and Cass came out to Colorado to visit us: 

100_6173 IMG-20110826-00189 100_6232 DSC02705 IMG_2087

Hana and Cass came out to Colorado again!  This time Micah was born: 

100_8163 IMG_3325 IMG_3301 IMG_3285

Seeing them in Wisconsin: 



Our Louisville family trip in 2013:

IMG_1900 IMG_6764 IMG_6857

Christmas 2013: 


Cincinnati Family trip 2014: 

IMG_8620 IMG_8629 IMG_8479 IMG_8677


She has a special place in our hearts. =)

Mother’s Day

I always try to get a picture of me with my boys on Mother’s Day…many years it just doesn’t work very well. Sigh.

IMG_0020 IMG_0031 IMG_0059 IMG_6324 IMG_0064 IMG_0062 IMG_0063


Mother’s Day 2013:

IMG_5974 IMG_5981 IMG_0628

Mother’s Day 2012:

IMG_3069 2 IMG_3066 2

Mother’s Day 2011 (pregnant with Micah):

IMG_0056 2 IMG_0059 2

Mother’s Day 2010 (we were in Wisconsin and I don’t have any pics of just Ethan and I…but here are a few from that trip…the one of Jen and I is on Mother’s Day):

100_4049 Ethan, fruit pop-3-s Cass, Hana, Jess, Ethan, May, 2010-s Jess and Jen, May 2010-s

Mother’s Day 2009 (pregnant with Ethan):


37 weeks

Well, we made it to 37 weeks!  I had a doctor appointment this afternoon – everything is right on track!  He told me that he can’t actually tell me I’m not having this little boy this weekend…but he doesn’t have any reason to think that I would!!  Yay!


33 weeks

Last Friday, we reached the 33 week mark.  We’ve got 4-7 weeks left (preferably 6 weeks).  B2 is the size of a pineapple right now: 19 to 22 inches long and 4.9 pounds.  They no longer make predictions as to how big your child will be at birth…but this is the average size of babies at this stage.


On Saturday, we toured the hospital where B2 will be born.  Ethan was born at a hospital just north of downtown Denver which was a 40 minute drive from our house.  B2 will be born at a new hospital only 15 minutes away.  It is a beautiful hospital and I think it will be a smooth process!  I was kind of hoping I could just go into labor and bring home our sweet baby while we were there…. =)

B2 Doc Appointment

We went to the doctor late Monday afternoon.  32 weeks…only 5-8 weeks left (can you tell that I’m hoping for a little bit earlier than my due date?!)  Everything is moving along smoothly.  We’re both healthy as can be and have no reason to expect that there be any complications.  B2 has his head down already and kicks VERY regularly; she seemed happy about that.  And even though I’ve been feeling pain from him being so low these days, she said that was normal and I just needed to try to avoid picking E up as much as possible.


28 weeks

Plugging away…only 12 weeks to go (or possibly even just 9!).


I had the drink-gross-sugary-drink-in-five-minutes-and-get-your-blood-drawn appointment on Monday.  Yuck.  All things considered, though, it went well.  Everything looked great – B2 is right on track in terms of his growth (as am I! haha).

We’re predicting Thursday, Dec 1 for B2’s birthday…late in the evening, so that Mike has enough time to get home from the airport before bringing me to the hospital. =)

26 weeks

Here I am at 26 weeks.  Apparently the 3rd trimester hasn’t officially begun, yet… (I know this by looking at my “What to Expect” app).  B2 is the size of a cucumber – 15 inches long already and 2.2 pounds.  Only 13 weeks to go…or maybe 10! =) Besides having a cold, I am feeling pretty well.  Getting more and more tired these days, but nothing too crazy.



Doctors Appointments

We took E in for his 2 year (err, 2 year and 2 month) check up on Monday.  He was great!!  He’s just over 3 feet tall and weighs in at 31 lbs 8 oz!  He had his last shot until kindergarten and wasn’t even fazed by it.  He didn’t cry or even whince.  SO glad! =)


The following day, I went to the doctor for the other little boy…B2.  He’s doing well, too.  Everything seems normal and healthy.  My next appointment is on Sept 19 and it’s the one where I drink the nasty stuff and hang out there for an hour. =(  Only about 15 weeks to go…or maybe only 14 if he decides to come on Dec 1st like we’ve requested. =)

23 weeks

So here’s a little B2 update…he’s moving around all the time!!!  I have a check up next Tuesday (23rd) morning.  I’m 23 weeks along now and I’m feeling pretty well.  I have been getting tired more and more quickly though.  It’s only 8:30 here and I could crawl into bed any minute.