Other Happenings…

Here are some pictures that happened day 10-15 but had nothing to do with our Advent Activities.

Boys hamming it up after church:

Packers won again!  Woot!

Apparently Micah missed me a lot while I was gone at BSF Monday night.  He asked his brother to snuggle him for a while.  Melt.my.heart. =)


Micah picked out and received (Amazon, of course) his birthday gift from Great Grandpa.  Thanks for the new Star Wars Legos!


Micah sang in his Christmas program at preschool.  He was a shepherd and had to look around for a gift good enough to give to Baby Jesus. =)  He made some Christmas gifts to give his family that day, too.

We’ve been playing a lot of games as a family this week.

Micah (and his parents) have decided to be done with preschool and begin his homeschooling journey a little early.  Thursday marked his last day there.  He has no regrets about the decision thus far and says he is very excited to start homeschooling and stay home with the rest of the family.


That afternoon, Mike and Micah had eye appointments.  (E and I had our appointments earlier in the month)  The Lord’s timing here is impeccable.  Hours before the appointment, Mike’s eye got pink and pussy.  He was miserable, of course.  Thankfully the eye doctor was able to prescribe him with something and it’s definitely healing!  E and I went along so that I could pick out and order my new glasses.  I snapped a few pictures of my guys – one looks slightly more excited to be there than the other, eh?  This may be a milestone for Micah – first legit eye exam!

Catch Up Post

Micah had a week off of preschool for his fall break the last week in October.  (Mike was traveling to Atlanta for the week.)  He really enjoyed being at home with us and we made sure to do some more exciting things for homeschool for his benefit.

One of those exciting things was to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We stopped by at the gift shop right away to see Auntie Jennie’s products.  I am always so proud to see it and this day it was front and center when you first walk in the store! Super cool.

Micah also got ready for his “Toadally Awesome Kid Week” during this week.  When he started back at school, he was the Toadally Awesome Kid and got to present a poster about himself, bring in his favorite toy (Blue Bear was his choice), have his Mama read a book to the class (he picked, “The Book with No Pictures”) and then bring in his favorite “healthy” snack (animal crackers and raisins were his choice).

The week ended with a super fun birthday party for one of our family friends.  Micah was pretty shy at the start of this party, but eventually he joined in the fun.  E was busy with his buddy the whole time, which was fun to see.

This kid impresses me so much.  Listen to him sing all of his Math skip counting songs right in a row…but don’t listen too closely to the 13s. =D

A Visit from Grandpa and Grandma

My parents and Grandpa drove out to visit us (and my Auntie) last week.  We had a lovely visit with them!

Here are some pictures from around the house.  Grandma gave us her football helmets and the boys each arranged them in order of their favorite teams.  Micah loved playing a newly invented game called, “Stinky Socks” with Grandma.

And Grandpa made the boys a tree house in the backyard!  This was incredibly exciting!  The boys have been playing in it every day since.

The boys also rode their bikes with Grandpa and jumped in the leaves.

They got to be around for a lot of fun weekly activities.  Grandpa and Daddio were at Micah’s harvest program.

And Grandma and Grandpa sat in during our Classical Conversations class.

And everyone enjoyed the morning at PE plus.  Afterwards, Great Grandpa and the Jonker clan came over for lunch.

We spent some fun time at the Jonker’s house over the weekend, too.

We loved having these guys visit!  Thanks for coming!

Homeschool and Preschool

E and I spend many of our mornings biking to various parks to do some homeschool.  This fall weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we are making the most of it!  We also took some “school” pictures while we were out one day (same day Micah had school pictures at preschool).  One of those days, Daddio happened to be biking to get some lunch and we “biked” into him. =D

Picture day for Micah at preschool!  He wanted to dress “fancy”.  And here are his school picture proofs.  Seriously??  They are so fantastic. =D

And here are some more pictures from homeschooling life with E-man (including time at Classical Conversations).  Lots of our time is spent reading good books:

Every now and then we get Micah to school a little early…and it’s cute.

This week, Micah is off school and has been joining us with homeschooling.  It’s been tricky, but mostly super fun.  E finished his October BookIt! goal.

Sweet Boy

Micah told me a story from his day at preschool today.

“Mom, I asked (insert boy’s name) if he wanted to be my friend today, but he said no.”

“Oh, buddy, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t have any friends. So that’s why I asked if he wanted to be mine.”

*insert big proud smile on this mama’s face – being kind and seeing other people is one of the things I try to impress upon these little gentlemen!*

“I love your kind heart, Micah. Thank you for noticing that he doesn’t have any friends and trying to be kind to him.”

“Yeah, I’ll just keep asking him.”

Life a little after we lived it…

So, I’m falling behind in my posting and I don’t think it’s because our life has slowed way down and we have no pictures to share. =/  Sorry for the delays!

Micah continues to work on riding his bike, with training wheels.  He’s been enjoying it!

School has improved for Micah.  He’s been enjoying it lately.  Thanks to all who have been praying for us in this season!!  Here he is drawing a picture for his teacher’s birthday.  He has a great memory – it really amazes me!  He learned this poem at school and loves saying it for us.  He is often heard saying various Bible verses or songs/poems he has learned.  Micah also had his very first school field trip.  I was able to drive for it and take Ethan along.  We had a really nice time learning about life in the 1890s (if I am remembering the date properly…).

Homeschool has been going incredibly well this year (that doesn’t mean every day is easy or that it goes smoothly…but most days are super enjoyable).  E and I have a new routine which includes biking to a park a couple miles away and doing some school work there.  It’s been lovely to be out of the house and to just play and run around in between each subject.

We still do some school at the house.  He’s been enjoying learning new techniques for drawing – his favorite is drawing upside down. =D  And we officially bought a standing desk for all of us to share.

E and I also were able to go to our very first ballet (other than the one I was in as a child).  We saw Swan Lake.  It was really fun to see, although I had no idea how it ended!!  The movie I grew up watching didn’t end like that… =/

We’ve had a busy, but fun beginning to fall.  More fall updates to come.

In the meantime…

Our trip to Wisconsin was a while ago now, so let me get you caught up on life in this post.

We’ve continued homeschooling and it’s been going well.  We finally finished our math book from last year and are being careful to not get behind again!!  Ethan and I read “The BFG” together and then spent our one-on-one time together watching it at the cheap movie theater.  Field trip!  We had a blast and laughed so hard throughout much of it.  Micah and Daddio went to the cheap movie theater to watch “Finding Dory” and they seemed to enjoy themselves, too.  E and I also finished reading “Sarah, Plain and Tall” and watched the movie.  Somehow we got the playwright from the library, rather than the actual book, but it made watching the movie extra fun!

We also started going to Awana at the church that Micah goes to for preschool.  E seems to really enjoy it.  Micah has a very sweet friend that attends with him, but he prefers going only if I am going to be staying with him.  He’s gone twice thus far and opted out once.  We’ll see how that progresses, but we’re hopeful that he’ll love it and Mike and I will get a short date each week.

I finished the LONG saga of painting our dining room chairs white.  And then I painted a bench that was left in our garage when we moved in.  Pumped about that.  =)  And a sweet friend of mine sent some lovely artwork for our walls – it fits our theme perfectly!

E started PE+ (also at the church where Micah does preschool).  He LOVES it.  He plays for an hour with kids around his age and then he stays for another hour and plays with his cousins and other big kids.  It’s a lot of fun.

We go for a lot of walks around our neighborhood these days.  E and I go for a walk every day after dropping Micah off at school.  We review our memory work for Classical Conversations and just enjoy God’s beautiful world.  Some nights we go as a family and we all really love that!

We had a picnic at Micah’s preschool.  He got to show us around his playground and play with some of his friends.

More updates to come…this one is long enough! =D

Daily Life

E man spent some of the money he earned from his…wait for it…”opportunities to add value and earn money” (AKA chores) on Star Wars Legos.  He was pretty pumped about it.

Both boys finished their book posters for the summer.  In all honesty, I’m not really sure how motivational it was.  They both enjoy reading in general and we rarely colored a part right after finishing a book.  Still fun, but maybe not a necessary motivation for us. =D

Speaking of motivation…food works for Micah (especially frozen cotton candy grapes) and E just loves to read (even when food is present as a distraction).

Micah still loves getting pictures taken.  Here is after school and also making more magna-tiles (check out the flying wings for his bird):

And the other day while E and I were listening to “Story of the World” (I highly recommend it for history lessons for kiddos) and we saw a massive caterpillar outside the window.  Please ignore the hole in the screen.


Micah’s first days at Jr K

Micah started a Jr. Kindergarten program at a church up the street from our house.  He’s going 4 days a week.  He’s not thrilled about it, as he’d rather do homeschool or just play with his brother all day. =D

Here are some pictures of his first day.  We had a special pancake breakfast and made sure to measure his height and weight.  His first day was pretty fun as I got to sit in with him for most of it.  We had a little hiccup when he was supposed to go play on the playground while I got some more information.  Doing new things doesn’t come easily for this family (with Mike as a notable exception), so it doesn’t surprise me that this was hard for him.

He had two more days of school before our big trip to Wisconsin.  Ultimately, they went well but drop off was decently breezy one day and very difficult the other.  We’re praying for him to be brave and for him to find so much joy and peace while he’s at school.

Moving continued…

Wednesday, January 27 – Micah’s last day at preschool and “donuts with dad”.




Meanwhile, Ethan and I went out for bagels to a place I always wanted to try! They were great!

And that evening we went to burger21 one last time. We went with our incredible neighbors/friends! We love this family a whole bunch. (We ended up seeing them for a few more meals after this, but we got that extra time with them because of the nasty flu bug we caught.) we had lots of fun with them, as usual!