Grandma Cleve’s Visit!

Grandma Cleve left us late Saturday night after a whirlwind of activity.  We squeezed a whole lot into her week with us and I’m guessing she spent today sleeping and recuperating from her trip. =D We love that she is always up for an adventure!

We had the pleasure of hosting her for the first couple of nights, then she stayed by Ashley and her family for the next couple and finished her trip with us.  We spent a whole lot of time on the soccer fields, something Grandma Cleve has spent decades doing with her children.  The boys each had two games on the first weekend and played in their final games of the season the following weekend.



We also spent some time with Aunt Ashley, Uncle Zach and cousin Caleb.  They came over for dinner and we also went over there to swim.  Thought it would be fun for you to see the progression of the boys with Grandma Cleve over the last 7 months:

We also had the chance to meet Grandma Cleve’s aunt, who happens to live 10 minutes away from us.


Grandma Cleve also took two things off of her bucket list and had SO much fun!  She was beaming from ear to ear when she told the boys and me about her adventures with Ashley and Mike (and Caleb, too).  Mike took her white water rafting in the Royal Gorge and she and Ashley went zip-lining!  Happy to report that no one sustained any injuries (although Mike was injured before going…) and everyone stayed in the raft! =D


Thanks for another awesome visit, Grandma Cleve!  We enjoyed having you. =)

Side note: I’ll do a separate post about our dart wars party in the park….

Catching up…

I want to do a separate post about the last week of homeschool and another one highlighting my parents’ visit, but for now I wanted to do a quick catching up post of some happenings over the past couple of weeks:

Micah finishing off a bottle of fish oil. =D


Silly boys outside of Target posing for a picture for Hana and Ellie:


Magnatile creations:

We watched cousin Matthew perform in The Little Mermaid.  He did a great job playing King Triton!  Neither boy is interested in being in plays in front of that many people, but E wondered if his book might someday be made into a play…


Mike was the substitute coach for Ethan’s soccer game a couple weekends ago.  He’s great with those kids and E was really happy to have his dad out there with him.  I don’t ever get good shots of the actual game, but I did snap this one during practice and one of Micah watching E’s practice.

Mother’s Day was a fun celebration for me.  I didn’t make a meal all day and got lots of hugs, kisses and flowers from my doting guys! =D  We walked around REI after lunch out at one of our fav places downtown.  The last pic is of Micah and me “camping” in our tent at REI.

Next up…posts about ending the school year and my parents’ visit!


We are three weeks into the soccer season already!  (Some of this may be repeat, but I wanted to make sure I recorded it at some point.)

Mike is coaching Micah’s team (although I am officially his assistant and coached the first game of the season while Mike was out of town).  Micah loves to have his Dad out there, but he’s still pretty concerned with whether or not I am around to watch as well.  Unfortunately that meant that he chose not to play in his third game, because I was watching Ethan play instead.  =/  Other than that, though, he’s been enjoying the sport and really having fun out there.

Ethan is playing with a couple kids he played with last season and has the same coach.  We really like this coach and were hoping he could play for him again.

In Ethan’s second game, he had his very first hat-trick (he scored three goals)!  He played really well and was clearly having a lot of fun out there.  I barely got this video – he just scored his third goal.


Ethan’s third game was a little crazy.  His team had only 5 people (the amount who play on a team), while the team they played against had somewhere closer to 9 people.  The 5 of them played SO incredibly well!  It was really neat to see them all pushing so hard even though they were exhausted and had to keep playing against fresh feet every few minutes.  They were winning 5 to 2, when Mike arrived from coaching Micah’s game.  The game should have been done within a couple minutes of his arrival (by 1 pm at the latest), but it went on and on and on…lasting until 1:20.  Unfortunately, the ref had been stopping the clock every time the ball went out of bounds (a rule for basketball or football, but NOT soccer) or a goal was scored or someone was injured.  So, our kiddos played the equivalent of a game and a half, with no breaks other than half time.  They were exhausted and ended up losing 7-5.  There was talk of them adjusting the score since the extra half game is when the other team scored all 5 of their points, allowing them to win…but we haven’t heard anything yet.  It’s not a huge deal, of course, but we were feeling disheartened after playing SO incredibly for a whole game, only to lose because of the insane amount of extra time added to the game. =/


Anyway, we should play games each week until Memorial Day weekend and then hopefully a game that first week in June, too!  I love being a soccer mom. =D

Soccer Season

The boys started their spring soccer season this weekend.  We really love i9 sports – their philosophy is to have fun and to teach the sport well.  They have practice and games on the same day.  Ethan finds it exhausting, but I appreciate it because it means less nights/days taken up with soccer. =)

Mike will be the coach for Micah’s team, but this week I had to substitute for him.  Micah’s team seems incredibly sweet and hard-working.  It should be a fun season!  Micah was brave and kind on the field, something we’ve been working hard to become.

Ethan has certainly improved since last year and is getting more and more confident out there.  It’s fun to see him coming out of his shell.  His team lost pretty badly this week, apparently, but he seemed to be having fun!

More Life Lately

Thankfully, the boys and I were well enough to attend homeschool day at the aquarium.  This was a pre-pay event, so I was really hoping we’d be able to go.  I don’t recall ever going to the Denver aquarium before, but Mike thought we had.  At any rate, now I see how amazing the aquarium in Atlanta really was.  I always enjoyed going to it, but I didn’t have anything to compare it against. 😉

The aquarium was fun to see, though, and we had a really good time.  We saw various people from our CC community there, which made it even better.

Micah took some pictures, too:

This picture of Micah makes me smile because of the story behind it.  We were looking at some sharks and trying to take a picture of a shark.  I asked if Micah wanted a picture of him with the sharks, so he stood there and sort of smiled.  But moved away right away and said, “actually, I didn’t want to take that picture.” =D


The boys are getting excited about soccer starting soon.  They did some practicing in a game against Dad.  He’s really good…so after I shot these two pictures, I joined the game.  We still lost. =(

The other morning I walked by the boys’ room and found this (I guess Micah was being Han Solo that day, instead of a Packer player):


Also featured in the photo above is our “pet bunny” in his cage. =D

Last week after CC, we picked up Mikey from his Bible Study and work location.  It was gorgeous outside, so we enjoyed a little treat when we got there.  The golf course you can see in the back is the one we’ll be playing at a lot in the next 3 years.  We got a killer deal on unlimited golf there.

It’s the beginning of the new month.  This means Ethan finished his goal of reading books for February and earned another personal pan pizza.  (He read 15 chapter books in February!)  It also means we went to play Dart Wars afterwards.  Ethan does a great job out there playing.  I rarely see him, unless I’m in the dugout for having gotten out myself/Micah having gotten out.  Micah still likes to stay close to me during the games and if he gets out, I’m automatically out, too.  It’s so much fun playing with the boys!  I am always far too busy finding ammo and whatnot to take any pictures.  Just know that we have lots of fun every homeschool day at Dart Wars. =D


And, our backyard is such a mess.  But I kind of like it that way.  The boys can be messy and  run around back there and I don’t even worry about how it looks!  Ethan made a “ramp” out there for Micah’s scooter.  Oh my word.

A Weekend with our Friends!

Our friends flew out here for a long weekend and it was incredible!  We absolutely loved hosting them and were all wishing they could stay a little longer when it was time to say goodbye.

Pictures from Friday:

Micah and I met them at the airport just to make sure everything went smoothly and to welcome them to Colorado!

Then we went to Ethan’s PE+ class and Hana got to participate, too.  The Littles enjoyed “participating” on the sideline – throwing balls back into the field of play.

We grabbed lunch at one of our favorite spots and then headed to the park to play.  Afterwards, E, H, and the mamas walked home (which is where E and I usually bike).

Time spent at the house that afternoon:

That evening we took the crew to Little Man Ice-cream downtown and read books before bed:

Pictures from Saturday:

We spent Saturday morning watching the boys’ final soccer games.  It was unfortunate timing, but the boys really loved having such sweet fans there.  Micah scored his first two goals of the season!  And Ethan scored the final goal for his team.  Sadly, they lost the championship in overtime.

I’ll split this post into two parts as this is getting pretty long. =D

More every day life

Mikey and I went out on a fun date last month.  My cousin (yes, one of the ones we used to babysit before we were married) watched the boys for the evening.  The boys can hardly stand waiting for him to arrive.  They love it!  Meanwhile, Mike and I rode our bikes to a fav restaurant nearby and then continued on to a “Mumford and Sons” concert.  We had a blast!!  I think it was about 2 miles away, but much quicker (and cheaper) than dealing with parking at the venue. =D

Sometimes I just giggle to myself….  I literally had this thought recently: “I better make some brussels sprouts because the boys really don’t like the spaghetti squash spaghetti much.”  And it went over well…but only because I made brussels sprouts.


We’ve played 2 more soccer games since my last post.  Micah won the medal in the first of those games and was thrilled!!  The boys were pretty pumped to have Aunt Ashley and Uncle Zach in attendance at the other games.  One more week next week and this season is complete.  Both boys would like to play again!

I found a new secondhand store and it was INCREDIBLE.  It is probably triple the size of the  Kid to Kid I loved so much in Georgia.  I was there for about 20 minutes.  We spent about $70 and listen to what I found!!  A winter coat for Ethan, snow pants for each boy, 2-3 pairs of pants for Ethan, two pjs for Ethan and sweatpants for me (I gambled that I could fit in a boys sweatpants and it worked! awesome!), and a cool game as a gift for a friend.  Unreal.  I highly recommend “Once Upon a Child” in Littleton…worth the drive. =D

My childhood dream of seeing Mary Rice Hopkins finally came true.  We went to a free concert at Micah’s preschool and it was awesome!  I loved it!  Oh, and the boys thought it was okay, too.


And if I’m calling this post “every day life”, it’s fitting that I should include a picture of what the boys’ playroom looks like in our every day life: