Life Outside of the Home

Here are a few glimpses into life outside of our home life.

Classical Conversations Community day:

I had the opportunity to babysit this little sweetie last week!  He was such a pleasure.  I think he had a pretty good time, too. =)


And this past weekend we spent a little time in the mountains.  The boys all skied!  I found a great deal on snow pants at ARC for $10 so I sat outside and read my book and hung out with Micah when he asked for a brief break.  It’s looking like I might need to start skiing if I want to hang with these guys…


A couple days after our return, we had a Fennema family reunion in Breckenridge.  We have gathered together every summer (at least most of them) for years and often it’s been in Michigan or somewhere in the midwest.  This year, the family came out to Colorado and we were thrilled!  We had a pretty wonderful turnout of 25 people, I believe, although we failed to get a complete group picture!

Pictures always tell the story much better than my words do, but suffice it to say, we had a great time!  We did a variety of activities – hike, frisbee, 14er, ukulele playing, hot tub, sitting in the freezing cold creek, games, etc.  We always enjoy the evening meal together as a group.  It was wonderful!

I spent much of the first morning sleeping – jet lag is no joke! – but a bunch of folks went to play frisbee golf nearby.

That afternoon I took Micah for a hike – I had thought it was a short one, but it ended up taking much of that afternoon – and met up with other members of the family who had left a little earlier than we had.  It was beautiful and Micah-the-hike-ah was a treat – no complaints, even when it rained on us!

The second day a big group hiked Mt. Quandary, the 14er nearby.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get much sleep that night, so I had to forego it.  But I am happy to say that the hikers all had a wonderful time.  Also, my dad and uncle summited – how cool are they??

That same day, some others of us went for a different hike.  It was beautiful!

The final day we all enjoyed some “trail mix” – such a clever idea!  The music was beautiful and it was especially fun to hike a little ways before enjoying it. =)

And sometimes our pictures just don’t fit into a nice, neat category:

Thanks, Grandpa, for a fantastic weekend!  It was a blast!

Enjoying the Outdoors

…before I post about our recent big trips, I wanted to update the blog with some fun we had before them.

We spent a day in Vail with a bunch of friends and Ethan played some volleyball with us!  He loved it.  =)  We were pretty pumped that he enjoyed it so much, since the volleyball court is where Mike and I got to know each and love each other in college. =D

We also spent some time at our park and in our front yard.  Our friends from church gave the boys this archery set when they learned how interested they are in archery.  He even offered to take the boys hunting some day when they are older. =)

Next up: Europe updates =)

Summer Livin’

We’ve been spending a lot of time going for walks in our park and playing in the front yard.  It’s important to us to try to get to know our neighbors, so we’re trying to be outside and around more often.  Plus, we love our park and the boys love doing talent shows for us. =)  Also…homemade popsicles in the summer heat are fun, too.

Many of our walks at night end with boys running through the sprinklers.  Love it.


Unrelated, but super cute…all three of my guys were wearing stripes to church a couple weekends ago. =)


Catching up…

I want to do a separate post about the last week of homeschool and another one highlighting my parents’ visit, but for now I wanted to do a quick catching up post of some happenings over the past couple of weeks:

Micah finishing off a bottle of fish oil. =D


Silly boys outside of Target posing for a picture for Hana and Ellie:


Magnatile creations:

We watched cousin Matthew perform in The Little Mermaid.  He did a great job playing King Triton!  Neither boy is interested in being in plays in front of that many people, but E wondered if his book might someday be made into a play…


Mike was the substitute coach for Ethan’s soccer game a couple weekends ago.  He’s great with those kids and E was really happy to have his dad out there with him.  I don’t ever get good shots of the actual game, but I did snap this one during practice and one of Micah watching E’s practice.

Mother’s Day was a fun celebration for me.  I didn’t make a meal all day and got lots of hugs, kisses and flowers from my doting guys! =D  We walked around REI after lunch out at one of our fav places downtown.  The last pic is of Micah and me “camping” in our tent at REI.

Next up…posts about ending the school year and my parents’ visit!

Random Life

These pictures don’t all fit in a particular category, so we’re calling it a random post.

I’ll start with some pictures from homeschool life these days.  The boys have been loving working on writing their own stories.  A friend gave me a few small notebook/books and the boys LOVE them and have been working on stories in them, along with any notebook/paper they can find (note to self: get more plain notebooks for drawing and for writing! sheesh!).

Ethan is also starting to put his first novel, “The Man in the Woods” into print. =)

They also love playing store, which we do sometimes for a more fun math lesson.  These pictures feature Micah writing his price tags.


Ethan had his last class of PE+ last Friday.  After that we enjoyed a free PE+ class so that we could share the fun with our dear friends who may want to join a class next semester.  Micah participated during this class and loved it.  He’s full of surprises, that one. =)  Thankful to report that our buddies loved it, too!

Micah built a cool castle and wanted a picture of it in case it was broken by accident during a play date. =D


We had a crazy 6 inch snow storm this past weekend, so I took the boys to our sledding hill and enjoyed a couple hours out in it.  Naturally, we had hot chocolate when we got back home.  (I wish I would have taken a picture 24 hours later because the temperature went back up to the 60s and the snow was almost completely gone!  Crazy.)

It’s not the same as a before and after picture of the sledding hill, but just to give you an idea of the temperature shifts…today it was in the 80s (5 days after the snow storm) and we played at the park:

Weather & Science Day

This was our first year attending the Weather & Science Day at the Rockies stadium.  Tickets included an hour of science experiments and a chance to watch the baseball game.  It was reasonable and I knew the boys would enjoy it.  We took the light rail downtown and walked to the stadium – a fun experience for the boys and it meant I didn’t have to pay for parking downtown! (The second pic is from our trip back home…we were pretty tired by the end of this day!)

We met up with my friend from BSF and another family friend of hers when we got there.  The boys had a great time laughing and eating with them.  She spoiled our boys to their very first cotton candy – which they devoured in 5 seconds!  The Rockies didn’t look too good, but they were playing the Nationals who were scoring like crazy.  I always like to see some good hits and runs in a baseball game, even if it’s not the team I was hoping to win.  Definitely a fun field trip!

Side note: Colorado weather is crazy.  It was very cold in the morning and even was raining before the game started.  But then the sun broke through and even though it was 47 degrees, we were taking off layers and could not cool down unless we sat in the shade for a while (which we did…and then we needed jackets again!).